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I Don’t Know What To Call This Post Alert

Here I am again trying to contemplate my thoughts into words and possibly paragraphs. But this time have much more strength and confidence with the words I put out. It's interesting and I used to never believe that downfalls and failures and hitting rock bottom actually helps you out. Yes, once again I feel like... Continue Reading →

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Enjoy the Moments Your Life Seems Like a Movie

Hi guys! Guess what, my life seems like I'm in a movie at the moment! Has anyone else felt like this before? There was a slow, very slow beginning and slowly getting to middle, and excited for the end or more of what is next! I know it may sound cliche, but I think the... Continue Reading →

This is a post I wrote wayyy back... but still something I could reflect today. It's amazing reading the writing you wrote in the past. A great way of self reflection and self growth.

When you think crying is for the weak.  It's when you stop crying that you are the weakest.  That's when your mind and heart both agree that you've lost your feelings. You are numb to the point that nothing makes you feel.  You are so used to the pain that it doesn't affect you.  This... Continue Reading →

Finally back to writing!Warning, lengthy comment approaching..... <p class="has-drop-cap" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">I feel like its a struggle, trying to start something that has had a gap in your daily routines, but I am super happy to begin again, and trust me its definitely worth restarting something you have placed on "pause". There has... Continue Reading →

As a little bird,Was caged in a house,Not knowing more than she was allowed.Enjoying the fantasy,For that's all she knew The house was smallBut comfortable,Laden with tassels of goldPromises permeated her memoryOf living within the safetyOf her homeYet there is nothing safeAbout suppressing curiosity... Day in and day out,She was filled with lies of comfort,Blinded... Continue Reading →

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